Sunday, April 25, 2010

March 2010 Token Build : Corn Crib

One of our most unusual builds since the Token Series began a few years ago has been the Corn Crib. I must admit, I didnt have a clue what one was until it won the vote. Mwb, vulcan, bmac, and bfishma were four of the twenty-five voters who committed to the month long build and went to surf through the internet for prototype pictures from which to model. As with all of the builds, each participant chose a different style of crib and this diversity combined with their unique building strategies resulted in another spectacular display of ingenuity and talent.

With the choices made, the modelers set to work transforming their ideas into scratchbuilt reality. The first step was to create the 'superstructure' of the model. As you can see, this depended on the style of crib chosen to model.

The next stage involved filling out the frame. The purpose of these cribs was not only to serve as storage but also provided an opportunity to dry the corn. In order to accomplish this, air had to flow through the structure. As a result, many of the walls required slats between each board to allow drying to occur. You can see this detail in some of the builds.

Once everything was squared and finally glued into place, the last stages could be finished. The addition of a roof, painting, weathering, and details rounded this project out. As you can once again easily see, each builder brought their own unique styling to bear on their individual builds.

Again, the Token Community extends the greatest of thanks to those who participated in this build. So many times we have legitimate excuses for not taking part: too busy, too expensive, not a build I need, not my skill level. Not every modeler needs the structure voted into play, nor does every participant have the same skill level. What they do have in common is a willingness to learn from others and from the experience itself. These Token Builds ask for nothing more. Vote, participate, and learn: join the next build and experience it!

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