Friday, February 15, 2008

Tall Grass: Project by Ray

There are many ways to replicate tall grass ( bristle bush clumps etc.), but this is how I did it.
Using a cheap paint brush I cut off some bristles.


I then wrapped some of these around a toothpick with a small piece of masking tape.


I cut off most of the toothpick and masking tape leaving only about 1/8" to hold everything together until it was inserted into a hole. Placed some white glue on the end and planted my tall grass.



I then trimmed the tops with scissors ... you can make fatter or taller or different color clumps.



Vulcan said...

Another wonderful "how-to" Ray! Thanks!

Gizzmo said...

Thanks Ray,I'm slowly moving towards this stage of detail and this (like all of your articles) will come in handy.

dgauss said...

I like your suggestion of the toothpick. I've been using CA, heat shrink cutoffs, but yours is simplier cleaner and cheaper. BTW, who's PFE Reefer is that? Dave G.